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    • jeomiland
      By jeomiland+
      In post 34871-sharebar-issues Danny suggests one can use any of the icons in font-awsome for social share icons. What's the best way to use other images?  Client asked me to implement the icons at http://www.wpbeginner.com/showcase/16-best-free-social-media-icon-sets-for-wordpress/  specifically #20 "20 Social Media Icons". Have downloaded the zip file containing those icons but where/how get them to show up on the site?
      So I am referring to both the icons to send visitors to the site owner social properties AND shar icons so people can Like, share ect.
      Upon further research, I see a discussion on problems with using social icons on SSL (https://...) sites since a warning message comes up complaining about mixed SSL and non-SSL content on the page? Since this site is a shoppingcart site, using Woocommerce, this could be a problem. What's the current wisdom on dealing with this?  Also, I read a while ago there can be a performance hit if one makes their whole site SSL, so since Wordpress and themes adds significant overhead, what's the current wisdom on this issue?  SSL for all pages or just for shoppingcart checkout/account info pages?
      site: http://verdanthomeproducts.com
    • jeomiland
      By jeomiland+
      Hi guys
      I recently was asked by client to make a Woocomerce site I'm working on be able to display in Spanish. After some research I found transposh plugin had good reviews. So installed it. Put the widget in DMS2 sidebar and set it up for just English and Spanish, with english default. When I checked the site, it would not display spanish when chosen, but it did start to display " " in several places. So I turned it off again.
      Contacted Woocomerce who replied:
      So I deactivated the plugin, but now stuff is showing up in spanish in the dashboard (like Activate/update/delete under plugin names, field text in Gravity forms and probably lots of other places I haven't checked out yet but the main site content looks english!?!?!
      So I turned transposh back on but this is a problem... can't have a plugin active that is causing clashes, so where do I look to reset the system base language back to english when the plugin is deactive?
      oh, site is at http://ecoluxhomeproducts.com/storedev/  (in english now, but transposh active...)
    • Iain Griffin
      By Iain Griffin
      Hi, I'm having a few issues displaying Woocommerce as I'd like since upgrading to DMS and hoped someone could help please? 
      I'm using the Woocommerce For Pagelines plugin and have 'dragged' the product content section into the body of a product post. However, it is only showing the featured image, page title and main body content. It's missing the price, product attributes data, product description and additional gallery photos. I've searched all the settings but can't seem to find where to change/show this....?
      Also, on the 'shop' page I've added the product loop and made it full width (12 columns). I want to now make the product thumbs bigger. I've followed the Woocommerce advice, adjusted the image size in the settings, regenerated the thumbs etc,  but it's not working. It seems to be constrained somehow in the pagelines plugin to have four thumb image columns of (about) 200px wide. How can I change this please?
      Many thanks in advance