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Navbar overlap because of modified brand image

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Hello- the site is trailheadcounselling.com and as you will see, I've modified the size of the brand image. The layout of the whole siteis based on the width of the brand image, so I don't want to change that. (eg the sidebar is mapped right underneath the brand image)


The problem is that the menu items: Home, About, Counselling Fees etc. OVERLAP the brand image at 768-800px width, and the little phone menu overlaps the brand image at 240px width (screen size) 


You can test it here:http://mattkersley.com/responsive/


I designed the site on a very wide screen, so didn't notice this problem till the very end, and now it's all designed, but buggy. 


I would like to shrink the menu responsively. What can I do?


Thank you.



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The menu is already responsive, the issue is, you're using an image in the Fixed Navigation that is simply far too large. The maximum image height accepted is 29 pixels, as stated in the option description, Therefore, the only option I can recommend is for you to reduce the image size.


You're also using custom CSS, we are unable to provide support for user created CSS.


If you to keep your design the way it is and require further assistance, I recommend you contact one of our Pros.


Please search our forums, before posting!

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Danny, I already know that the brand image is large, but that is the size I would like to maintain. 29 pixels would not have worked for my design, as you can see, the logo needs to be legible and 29 pxls is too small. I also already mentioned that the whole design of my site (the balance of the sidebar vs content area) is based on the size of the brandimage/logo.


I cannot afford to contact a pro. So now: For the extra $14 I have been paying monthly for support, if you can just tell me where the responsiveness of the site is coded- ie, what css I need to find and modify, then I'll figure it out myself. Do I need to write a media query and override the base design via custom css? 


Thank you.

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You will most likely need to use a media query on either your logo image or your navigation menu. You could also try reducing the font size of your navigation menu items.


If you resize your browsers window, then load up Chromes web dev tools, you can find the correct media query.


Also, the $14 per month does not include extra or priority support, it gives you access to Live Chat, all PageLines created sections, themes and plugins and free updates/upgrades.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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