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Feature Design Style Problem - iBlogPro5 5.2.5 + Framework 2.4.1

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Recent project: migrating my site from iBlogPro4 to Framework 2.4.1 + iBlogPro5 5.2.5
Problem subject: feature design style 
some voodoo ist happening here I cannot explain or control. Developing site on localhost created with DesktopServer on my MacPro produces white fonts on black canvas for the default style.
(see scrrenshot 001) so far so good.
I'm also having access to the localhost via local network with my MacbooPro and an IP, that DesktopServer gives me. First I saw the exact design as with the MacPro, but then after some hours and refreshing my browser, I suddenly saw this beautiful design with white font on grey canvas + rounded corners, that looked simply perfect for iBlogPro5 style. (screenshot 002) … that's how I want it to look like.
But: The MacPro, where everything  is hosted, on its own display and also over remote screen control,  still shows the white on black feature design, no matter what I do!
I didn't work with framework before – even though I did the translation into German   ;)   –, but it seems to me like the white on black feature design is framework pure and white one grey + rounded edges is the iBlogPro5 child theme design for features.
when I activate framework in themes and then back again to iBlogPro5 or …when I change anything in Layout …  white on black feature design is back again on both computers … an maybe after some hours of not doing anything … like last night … the »nice« design comes back on the MacbookPro. Voodoo :wacko:
Refreshing the browser always gives a short glimpse of the screenshot 002 design … but the white on black version then immediately jumps in and takes the place. 
Any suggestions?

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James B

Hi Tang


Those two sliders are actually the same, just that one is showing the black background, the other isn't. The feature slider in Pagelines has a black linen affect in the background as standard. This is showing as your image doesn't fill the entire width of the slider. The same affect should happen in both iblogpro and the main pagelines framework, i can only think that either its not loading correctly or there's some previous custom code in the site which is blocking it on the white version.


You can remove the black linen background using css by settings the background-image to display:none.


Hope that helps

Kindly search the forum and read the documentation before posting. It will help you resolve many issues.

For CSS help be sure to check out W3Schools first and be sure to download FireBug for FireFox for troubleshooting.

James B

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James, I tried hard to find the problem but okay, I have to give up and say: I'm totally lost!


Setting the display image in feature_slider to display: none didn't change anything. So I installed clean WP on my localhost from scratch + Framework + iBP5 … just to make sure, that there is no custom code from previous installs or plugins … but: same results as with example above: white on black canvas design. I'm not a pro, but turning off/on almost every feature concerning css- snippets with Firebug never showed me the »nice« design of screenshot 002 again. I wonder where these css-parameters are sitting? I'm not shure, but I suggest they must be somewhere in the iBP5 LESS code, which may not load over the framework CSS properly.


Please someone give me back that nice design!


Not to forget: as you may see in screenshot 002  the play/pause button is gone … don't know why.


And to make things not more complicate than needed, I now only work directly on the localhost computer and leave the local network alone. I we solve the problem here. it should work anywhere. Let's catch the voodoo  :)

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Here comes the solution:

#feature_slider #feature-area {
    background: none;


… and the original black canvas framework feature-slider design is gone and my favourite design shows uo like magic! This should definitely be the default design for the new iBlogPro5, cause it fit beautifully into the overall appearance. Making it switchable in iBlogPro5 Options as well as the box shadow would be great.

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