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Crackbar Hide Standard Crackbar

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Dear Nick, I have a little problem with Crackbar - I see it has very few threads so in general it must be quite foolproof. It may well be just me. I discovered the utility of the Fixed Crackbar but am struggling to remove the Standard Crackbar. Now I have two Crackbars, one below the other. How can I remove or hide the Standard Crackbar? I have already "unselected" the theme and menu link for it but it remains stubborn. I am sure the solution is easy but I tried everything and cannot find it. Thank you for your help, yours faithfully, Jan.

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hey Jan!

Just remove it from the Header area in Drag & Drop. ;)



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Dear Nick, I did not think of doing that. Great stuff! Thank you, for solving another little conundrum - over 6000 miles in twenty minutes flat no less! Greetings and keep up the good work, yours faithfully, Jan.

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