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Gallery Images Don't Start Changing

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I sort of feel like I'm being played with a bit. Like settings are being changed as I'm writing responses. I just visited your site, again, and its working, just as it should be, without requiring a hover. You have the interval filled out, so its auto playing. When I visited it last time, it was not auto playing, because you did not have the interval filled out.


Again I checked my local copy and do not see any issues at all, nor can I replicate anything that you are seeing. Without being able to replicate it, I simply can't fix it. I see this as working just as it should. This is the ONLY complaint of this nature which is leading me to believe you have something weird with your install. What that is, I wish I could tell you.



I'm gonna change the gallery. It's been un-reliable from the start. I had some colleagues check, and they see different things than what I  am seeing, and while its auto starting, sometimes it doesnt. I have no early idea why this is, so this, along with the height issue on portrait images, means i"m going to switch this out. I'll update you when I have a new gallery in place.

Something big is coming for DMS + photographers.



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i recommend thinking your information architecture through and considering the principle of: 


* give people the fastest access to the info you are providing possible

* that means the best most concise cleanest Table Of Contents right then and there

* it means the lowest amount-of-clicks


if people want to come back to a topic buried in image 4 of a 7 image carousel, they need to wait several seconds just to find what they want to read. 


YES, use a carousel to create excitement and have people click on hot topics...

but NOT: do not use a carousel for navigation. why? because navigation must be obvious and work quickly to save people time. 


...does that help?

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I have no interest in wasting the time of any person, let alone mine. As far as I know, the interval has always been on 2000, with the exception of a few moments that I tried to see whether something changes if I delete the interval. It may be my karma or something else, but I can only say what I see here (see image below, taken now). I installed projects in another website of mine. In that website the images in the gallery appear but they don't start changing unless I click on one of the navigation arrows. The problems remain when I deactivate all plugins. 


I don't think that you should try to resolve a problem that exists only on my website(s). 


Re dainismichel's note: I am not sure how is it related to a situation when the images in the carousel don't change. 


Thanks for everything.




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