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Is Coming Soon compatible with Citi theme

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I was hoping to use Coming Soon while behind the scenes setting up a Citi based website. I assumed I could just make the the Coming Soon page the current static Front page, while assembling the Citi based website in the background from other pages. This all seems to work except for the background image set for Coming Soon not being displayed when the Citi theme is activated.



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I would have to test these together to understand what's going on. Try setting the background using the normal PageLines background option.

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Setting the background under Pagelines->Color Control has the same problem. As long as the citi theme is deactivated the background image is displayed. Once citi theme is activated the background image disappears.

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    • Jackey
      By Jackey
      Hi Nick,

      I noticed a problem with this section...

      I'm not 100% sure, but when I saved my "Coming Soon" page in the DMS editor (after doing some LESS tweaks on it), I lost all my headers and footers of my website.

      FWIW: I think DMS should handle global header and footer editing on a special page.

    • Leonardo da Vinci
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      I have issue with icons of coming soon plugin 
      How can I put the icon in it's space , which form should I use , I tried a lot but nothing the icons did not appear on the page.
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      By the way I have Icon Font Shortcode plugin
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      Hi Nick.
      Started crying when I found out that Ozone would not show my Grid Portfolio section at the right place.
      Is it the same with the Citi theme? Thant it only shows content and not sections? 
      Hope this will be possible in the future.
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      Nick. Ya know - I would really love a very light and simple slider - like Quick slider - that lightweight - that toggles to Full Screen background. I have always loved the simplicity of Wicker - so along those lines - but in this case not full width. know there is viewer - but i am not wanting something that has to be inserted into a post or page - i want a section that can be dragged and dropped around....header, content, page template etc. Anyway, when you are dreaming up things - please consider giving this one a shot.
      sorry for posting under Coming Soon - didn't know where else to put the request.
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      I have uploaded breaker images for the citi theme, but I don't know how to position them.  My images are all 1600x550.  I would like to be able to top left align them....or at least somehow get the part of the image to show up that I would like.  Instead, several of the images are actually showing only part of the bottom and then repeating the top of the image even though at 550px high they are more than enough to fill the 300px height of the space for the image.