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WordPress update causing issues in IE

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Just installed the latest version of WP (3.5.1). Now the header, footer and menu colors aren't showing up. There is a date stamp at the end of the text section. Formatting of posts pages all wrong now too (Pagelines > site options > Blog and Posts > Clip Excerpt Mode choice isn't working, two different format date stamps are showing up even though I have the date hidden). The footer text color isn't right either. The attached photos are using IE8 (a week ago everything looked fine). Everything looks fine in Firefox and Safari.


Update: I downgraded to WP 3.5.0 (using these instructions) and am still having the IE issue.


Update2: James had a great idea of checking the google ie compatibility box (pagelines> site options>advanced). That sort of solved the problem -- everything looks right, but now it takes FOREVER to load, and in some instances, crashes the browser. James suggested there might be a javascript issue somewhere.


Update 3: upgraded to 3.5.1 again (since I can't seem to completely downgrade).  With the google compatibility script, the page renders properly but the load time doubles (which crashes IE on any computer old enough to be using IE8).  I didn't need the google script until upgrading yesterday.  The Google script seems to cause two instances of IE to run?


I also still have the problem with all section features automatically doubling.  I made two content boxes.  After making the two content boxes, all other section features thought there were two of them.


Have also reached out to Simplicate support




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Hi frost,


I already answer you via my Help Desk, and as i tell you, i'm trying replicate the issue, today is very difficult to replicate an old machine with IE8.




Enrique Chavez - Premium DMS Themes, Sections and Plugins.


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Thank you Enrique.  Appreciate the help.  Agree with you that IE is frustrating.  Unfortunately, in my industry, a large contigent of my cusotmers still use IE8.

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I am closing this forum topic since you are working with Enrique via his help desk.

Jenny :: Web designer at Simple Mama (follow me at @simplemamacom)

Check out Share Me, a social sharing add-on for DMS that is super simple to set up.

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