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Webcomic site questions.

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Hey all,


   I'll start by saying that I am new to all things WordPress/PageLines. It's a new world, and I'm just trying to find my way.


   I'm trying to build a site for my webcomic. I've run into two issues. I'm hoping you can help.


   1- I want to have the comics run the whole width of the page under the header. I can do this by choosing the page layout with no sidebar. However, I also want my written content displayed underneath the strip WITH a sidebar. ...Can I split the content area that way? Ideas?


   So, to help with my design (i.e., not being able to achieve the desired result in question #1), I've installed/activated the plugin "Comic Easel", but I have an issue here as well..


   2- Added to the group of special pages offered in the template setup are the Comic Easel pages "Comic Archive" and "Comic". Yet, they are not listed in the page option setup list. In the video tutorial it said they should be listed. ...Any help on getting them included in the list?


   I'm trying to get the hang of this stuff, and I'm sure this is the first of many questions.


   Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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1. You can't split the Content Area into two separate areas, one with full width and one with a sidebar. However, what you can do is use the ContentBox section in your template and this will be Full Width and can be placed above or below your Content Section.


For example.

Go to Wordpress Admin Dashboard > PageLines > Drag & Drop > Page Template and then select your page. The Content Section should already be active, drag and drop the ContentBox section above the Content Area.


The ContentBox section is a free store section and is not installed/active by default, you will need to go to the PageLines store and install the section.


2. I apologise but I am not quite sure what you're referring to. Are you saying that you have created a custom post type called Comic and you wish for this custom post type's archive to be available on Page Options ?

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    Thanks for replying to #1. I will give this a try!


   As for #2... I'm sorry if I wasn't clear... Here's my issue...


   I've installed/activated a plugin called "Comic Easel", and I see that two new special pages have been added to the group of default special pages shown in the template setup.


   However, they are NOT shown in the page option setup list.


   Is there a way to have these NEW special pages included on the page option setup list?


   Thank you! I appreciate your help.

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I think there is a snippet of code you can add which allows this. I am unable to find it in my notes. Therefore, I will discuss this with one of our developers and see if its still available.


I will post here when I have more information.

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   Thanks! Much appreciated!

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OK, here you go, add the following code to either your child themes or customise plugins functions.php file.


add_filter( 'postsmeta_settings_array', 'pl_control_cpt' );

function pl_control_cpt( $array ) {
	$cpt = 'pizza';
	global $metapanel_options;
	$array[ $cpt ] = array(
		'metapanel' => $metapanel_options->posts_metapanel( $cpt ),
	$array[ $cpt . '_archive' ] = array(
		'metapanel' => $metapanel_options->posts_metapanel( $cpt . '_archive' ),
	return $array;



Replace the word pizza with your custom post type name.

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