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all theme settings empty and custom css vanished after domain change

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I hope you can help. All settings, the custom css, analytics code and so on vanished in the platform pro settings.
What have I done? I made a domain change - ok, i tried it!
What I have done:
- logged in ftp, created a new file "marcborries"
- took the whole existing wordpress files and put them in "marcborries"
- open the wp-config.php and edit:

define('WP_SITEURL', 'http://www.my-new-domain.de');
define('WP_HOME', 'http://www.my-new-domain.de');


- wordpress login is positive, all pictures, post and site-content are fine

- with search and replace I changed all my-old-domain.de in my-new-domain.de

- i went to front-end: its terrible, no header-logo, only chaos

- I take a look in the platform pro settings: all vanished


- with search and replace I changed all my-new-domain.de in my-old-domain.de

- took the code out of the wp-config.php, but the same problem: settings and css vanished


Please help!!!

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With ftp I found css files:

  • style.css
  • rtl.css
  • css/dynamic.css
  • css/common.css
  • css/ie7.css

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For now I load a backup and all looks fine. But I have no idea, how I should make the domain change sucessfully

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