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    • JawDesigns
      By JawDesigns
      Hi everyone,
      I was hoping someone could help. Firstly all my websites are DMS and all hosted on Flywheel. Recently I have noticed that on my sites including fresh installs with only DMS and a few DMS sections the main wordpress menus are disappearing when I hover them in the dashboard. This looks really flakey and I am not sure why. I have tried disabling the plugins but this does not help me.
      Please see screen grab. Has anyone seen this?
      Thanks, James

    • create
      By create
      I have a problem with sub menus with my main nav. I basically have a top-level nav called 'products' and custom sub heading called 'Everyday' with a sub menu from that, but for some reason - its not working.
      I can't understand why, it should be seamless *or* is there something within the framework that prevents this?
      See the attached screenshots showing how the menu is structured and should be (back-end) and what its doing front end.
      Grateful for any pointers
    • PeterBuilt
      By PeterBuilt
      I posted two different questions earlier, and I am having a lot of trouble with DMS 2.
      Every time I make a change to one page absed on a specific DMS 2-template the rest of my website is affected, some loses all styling, some loses sections.
      I am using Polylang for translations. For this I have made a number of custom menus in different languages.
      When I try to make the English version use the English menu all the other language pages are set to use the english menu.
      This is no good - I am really frustrated.
      I am almost sure part of the blame falls on me - I must be doing something wrong.
      Can you please help me out - thanks.
    • PeterBuilt
      By PeterBuilt
      Hi Pagelines support,
      I have a client who wants to have an fairly high number of landing pages, (product pages), each with a separate unique menu.
      He wants at least 40-50 of such pages each with a separate menu assigned.
      Can that high a number of menus be assigned in DMS 2?
      Do you have an idea on how to achieve this?
      thank you
      best regards
    • PeterBuilt
      By PeterBuilt
      Hi DMS 2 forum,
      I am trying to understand how the Manage Locations in WordPress works with DMS 2.
      I have made custom main menus for three different language versions and I have assigend the proper language versions in the Manage locations section in the WP menu controlpanel.
      As I understand the menus should only be shown on the corresponding language versions, (I use Polylang plugin) - even if the menus on the DMS 2 templates are set globally above the Template line - but maybe I'm wrong.
      There's no way I can get the proper menu to display on the proper pages.
      Whenever I select a specific menu that same menu is displayed globally on the entire website.
      I hope someone can help me out.