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Hi there, I am experiencing a problem with my site's custom logo. It looks great everywhere else except Firefox where it appears HUGE. I think the browser is not resizing it down for some reason and it appears in its actual size. All other elements look as they should. Any ideas? Thank you!!




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Hi there, I'm using firefox and can see the logo appearing like this -


Can you please screenshot what you're seeing, which version of firefox are you on?

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Thank you for answering James! What you see is a "coming soon" version, you need to be signed in in order to see the site. I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that in my message.

I wonder if there is a way to show my site only to you without making it available for everybody else?


Re: the logo problem, I just upgraded my Firefox and it fixed the problem miraculously, not sure what was the problem... but if it was old Firefox version, thank you for the hint!


I do have another problem though. I would like to make a menu background like the one in the picture. I would like it to take the whole width of the page from left to right, not leaving white space on the sides. I'm trying to do this with the branding menu. I will also need to move the menu to the center.

Could you advice me what would be the easiest way to achieve this?

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This goal is best addressed by using the Nav Classic menu, and using CSS to set a background.


Do you have Firebug for Firefox or know how to use Chrome's Inspection Tool?  Are you familiar with CSS styling?

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