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html site I want to use pagelines to remake but I'm not sure

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My client wants me to put this site together in wordpress.




shouldn't be hard. I have a theme I've used in the past that would work but I'd rater use pagelines if I can.


does this look doable? I'm worried about the top menu more than anything.


is this something I should get hooks for? can I put a menu up there? I'm open to buying a thing or too if thats what I need to do.



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In order to achieve a similar menu style, what you would need to do is use both the Nav Classic menu along with Secondary Nav. Then create multiple Wordpress menus and then configure the secondar on each page to use these custom menus.


This will result in a similar style nav as you have on the site you linked, meaning that when you click on About, you will need to create a custom menu, call it about and have two menu items, one called about and other called Overview. Repeat this process until and it should do the trick.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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