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Not seeing Sharebar in drag and drop setup

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I have the section activated and selected in site options but do not see it in available/disabled sections of the drag and drop section for any of the templates. Using base child theme. I do see them in posts but not on my pages.



The Sharebar Section allows you to share your content from both pages and single posts to social media networks.

Adding to your Template

The Sharebar section is only available in the Content Area for Template | Default, Template | 1, Template | 2, Template | 3,Template | 4, Template | 5 and Blog Post.

  1. Select the “PageLines” panel, then “Drag and Drop”
  2. Select the Template, you wish to add the Sharebar
  3. Drag & Drop the “Sharebar” section from the “Available/Disabled Sections” into the “Active Sections” list


In order to configure the Sharebar, you will need to use the “Sharebar Social Sharing Buttons” setting.


From your WordPress Administration Panel:

  1. Select the “PageLines” panel, then “Site Options”
  2. Click “Blog & Posts” panel
  3. Scroll down until you come to the “Sharebar Social Sharing Buttons”

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Make sure you're going to:


PageLines > Drag & Drop > Content Area > Select your Page Template. The ShareBar section is only available on templates when you're viewing the Content Area of that template.



Please search our forums, before posting!

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