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navbar page link with nest pages not working

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Every time I choose to use the Navbar and one of the links have nest pages, on hover all the nest pages links work however the main page link would not.

For example on the images attach I would like for the personal training page to be a link aswell ratter than just be a button for only the nest pages of this link. 


Not sure what I am not doing, the classic navigation bar does work normal so why the NavBar does not?

I tried to create a menu and link that to the bar however the dropdown links of the nest pages does not work with the custom menu.


I am sure this is an easy thing but I have not been able to solve it.



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Hi there,


You're doing anything wrong, unfortunately that's how its been setup. The navbar is from the twitter bootstrap integration and due to the rise in touch screen/mobile devices this is how they wrote the navbar. As is someone on a touch device was trying to access the drop down they would also end up clicking the parent link.


There are some other alternatives, classic nav allows you to have a parent as a link and a drop down. There are also some premium navs in the pagelines store which allow for the top item to be a link which you could use.

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The classic  is what I use, thank you for answer my question I'll look into those remium navs.


Thanks again.

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You're welcome

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Hi James and Alebrujo,


I am experiencing the same issue with main pages that have subpages (created a WP menu) not accessible via the horizontal nav bar.  But I cannot find where the "classic" nav bar is located?    Thanks for your help.



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Just go to the drag and drop in the pagelines tab.  the option of Nav Classic is among the options on the headter section.

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