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functions php wont take code but works on chat lady site - header

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Hello when I added code I kept getting erros for changing the link on my header image to point to the map page rather than home page ( as it has the address and emial on it )


When I added code - from forum - with her help it shut donw my site and I had to re-load functoins php

file over and over again.


we did several things and then she asked me to load the paste below to my page - just re-do the entire thing as it worked fo rher on her site. 

it shut my site down and made it a mess - so I reloaded the php file and it came back - thank goodness!


funny thing is - the site was a mess but the top image linked as it should -

here is the link to hte php - that i discussed.


this is the code that just wont work on my pagelines customeize functoins file


here is the screen shot of how to entner it and I did just that.


Thank you for help - I could sure like to get htis header to link to that page and keep the site in order

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Hi there, I've just tested and that code is working for me as well.


I've checked how you've entered on the links above and there's no error I can see there so it must be something else which is causing it to break. Was there any form of error message when the site went down? Usually you'll get a white screen with a warning or error mesage across the top. If you could let us know that message it might help to work out what was causing the problem.


Also can you go into Pagelines>site options>advanced and enable to debug panel for us. Let us know when this is done and we'll check to see if anything is a miss.

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I will - Thank you

Yes the pagelines chat help had me use the pastebox and we kept getting errors on certian lines..

so we fixed it all  but the site went down.

Inbetween , we kept re-uploading the functoins.php file via filezilla

and starting over.

So.. she took the code and made it work on her land.. and had me paste that entire page in.. and it shut donw my site. She told me - we are out of options you better go to the forum.

So thank you.


I will go to debug.. and get back to you in the next 2 hours. Sorry for the delay.

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Hi there,


That code is definitely working for me too, have just double tested on my test site.


Looking into your debug information you have the following,


PHP User : Posix functions are disabled on this host!

PHP Magic Quotes gpc : Yes (bad)

I'd suggest contacting your host and ask them to correct this as this could be causing the problem in your functions.php.


However, if you could let us know the error message you get, then we might be able to advise further on what the cause could be.

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Drat- godaddy told me " we just dont do that stuff" I am a graphic artist who can div and tag and css and html.. but after that Im over n out.

If you have any toher solutions I would be very interested, and thank you for your time so far.


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Hm, that's inconvenient, since they should be able to correct that especially since it's something they can only do on their end. Is there any error message you're getting at all?

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