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having trouble getting started with citi theme

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hi, i just installed the citi theme and im having trouble getting it started. i filled in the info in the site options, but dont see any of the 'crew' or 'about' text showing up. i also experimented with adding an actual page entitled "about us" and putting the page ID, but still nothing. im fairly experienced with WP so im not quite sure why this is making me pull my hair out. is there maybe a well documented getting started guide with this theme? im familiar with pagelines but for whatever reason i cant get the citi theme up and running. 


im just trying to get it to look like the demo site and hoping to config from there. i did import the settings and site content per the theme welcome page, but it didn't do anything so i ended up deleting the pages/posts from that import. 


any help is appreciated. thank you!

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as an example, i created a page, but putting that page id into the citi theme options in wp-admin isn't changing my homepage look at all :( i really at my wits end on how to get this to work

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If you follow the instructions step by step you wont have any troubles at all. I have set this theme up so many times now without a hitch. It's vitally important that you either follow the steps, or import the .dat settings file to do the re-arranging for you.


Also, wanted to make sure you saw the Welcome panel with more instructions inside WP Admin.


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oooh i somehow missed step #3 ... SMH i got everything around it but somehow missed that one. thank you for your help!!!

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