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Is it possible to have the QuickSlider in the Header?

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I want to put a Quickslider in the header of my page (its only 3 simple slides) is this possible?  I can't see that the QuickSlider is an option to drag and drop?

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Unfortunately, the QuickSlider Section doesn't support the Header Template Area out of the box. However, you can create a child section of the QuickSlider and add support for the Header Template Area. Although, if you proceed with this customisation, we will be unable to provide support for child sections, as they will contain custom code.



In order to do this you're going to need the following:


  1. FTP Client
  2. You must be using the Base Child Theme, otherwise you won't be able to do it.


Ok, now you need to download a fresh copy of PageLines Framework from your Launchpad and extract the zip.

Then navigate to the sections folder, so you can see the QuickSlider sections folder.

Then open up your favourite FTP client and connect to your site and navigate to the following directory.


/wp-content/themes/"Your Base Child Theme folder" Unless you have renamed the folder, then this is usually called pagelines-template-theme


Now upload the QuickSlider section folder (from the one you have download from your PageLines Launchpad) to the Sections folder in your child theme.


Once you have done the above, you can now freely edit the QuickSlider section in your child theme, which is now a child section of the QuickSlider section. You can make the changes in the section.php file.


On the line that contains:


	Workswith: main, templates, sidebar_wrap

Replace it with the following:


	Workswith: header, main, templates, sidebar_wrap


Save the changes and then go to PageLines > Drag & Drop > Header and the QuickSlider section should be available.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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