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TourKick (Clifford P)

Issues with Viewer plugin

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TourKick (Clifford P)

Here are the issues I've noticed with Viewer and wondering if it's just my site or if anyone else has experienced or can re-create the same issues.


1) I have Viewer (gallery shortcode) in pl_tabs and it seems the very first time I try to load the page, the Viewer plugin displays the error message (sometimes it works on the first try but most times it doesn't). If it doesn't work the first time (and sometimes a 2nd time), eventually Viewer works after 1 or more page refreshes.


2) When I'm on the "Viewer" or "Photos" tab (whatever you want to call yours when testing), it is responsive and looks good. However, when another tab is active and I resize the browser window and then I switch back to the "Photos" tab, there's no Viewer, no images, and no error message. It's like the tab content is empty. Refresh the page and click on "Photos" and it's back again.


Here's a demo video (no sound) of both issues: http://screencast.com/t/LfkXAMGKH

Here's an example of my using Viewer within pl_tabs: http://tourkick.com/3280/

FYI: I haven't tried it outside of pl_tabs shortcode.



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We're at the mercy of the script here so unfortunately there's not much I can do about this "when viewer is in a pl_tab shortcode and you resize the page then come back to the tab Viewer is gone" bug. When you resize again it pops back.

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Ok. That addresses q2. What about the first question/issue -- using the plugin within pl_tabs at all (also shown within the short screencast video)?

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