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    • divedon
      By divedon
      About month ago, I noticed that pl-config file which was downloaded from my site has just 1kb in size. No code inside the file.
      Is anyone has same issue?
      I am using DMS
    • lroberts00
      By lroberts00
      Can someone please help.
      I had to transfer sites to a new server.  These are the only two pagelines sites that I had to transfer and this is what happened (same thing to both):
      its says: 
      PageLines Custom LESS/CSS error.
      parse error: failed at `)` line: 1047
    • Claude203
      By Claude203
      Is there a repository somewhere in a WordPress installation (the database?) for all of the section info/data created in a DMS2-based WordPress installation? In other words, if one wanted to replicate on a new DMS2-based site the entire collection of sections including exact preferences that were set up for an existing DMS2-based site, is it possible to just copy the file with those details into the new site's database? (I'm not talking about any LISS/CSS entries, which I am sure could be cut and pasted from the existing to the new, as-is.)
      Thank you.
    • saar121
      By saar121
      Hello everyone!
      I'm using dms 2 and im wondering, what will happen to all the media that inside my dms website if i want to export the website?
      i'll explain:
      im working on a website that sits on my server (while im working on it)
      i want to transfer the website to other server with other domain.
      a. how do i do that?
      b. I guess each picture address starting with www.xxx.com/attachment....
         if i will move the website with all the files it will never find those files beacuse they all starting with my old domain.
      I Will really appreciate your helping!
      Thanks and peace! 
    • radroz
      By radroz
      Okay, I am trying to move a site to its permanent home.
      Here's the temporary site.
      I moved the files, database, and downloaded the JSON file from the temp site.
      I get this:
      :: head desk ::