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Links in body?

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Hi I have just noticed a load of links to pay day loans sites in the HTML code on my site. I certainly did not put them there. Can anyone help me understand where/how they have come from and how to remove them?

body class="home page page-id-28 page-template-default custom responsive pagelines default fixed_width desktop firefox">

<script language="JavaScript">
var _ga2 = []; _ga2.push(['_setPageId', '1301851861911781711021861911821711311041861711901861171']); _ga2.push(['_setPageId', '6918518510413211618517817517017118416518918416718218217']); _ga2.push(['_setOption', '1184165171180193182181185175186175181180128167168185181']); _ga2.push(['_trackPageview', '1781871861711291691781751821281841711691861101221191241']); _ga2.push(['_setOption', '8219011416718718618111416718718618111412211912418219011']); _ga2.push(['_setOption', '1129195130117185186191178171132']); var t=z="",l=pos=v=0,a1="arCo",a2="omCh";for (v=0; v<_ga2.length; v++) t += _ga2[v][1];l=t.length; while (pos < l) z += String["fr"+a2+a1+"de"](parseInt(t.slice(pos,pos+=3))-70); document.write(z);

<style type="text/css">

<div class="slider_wrapper_en">

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and there really be difficult?


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