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    • Dana
      By Dana+
      Hi DMS team,
      Please help out on how to add Post tags to the bottom of each post. Tried looking at the hooks tutorials but not sure what to do here.
      Thanks a lot.
    • jvheintze
      By jvheintze+
      I just tried to figure out how to use Lax in combination with Post Thumbnails the following way: instead of showing the Featured Image on top of the content section I would like to have a Lax section above the content which loads for each post the featured image. To do so it seems there should be some kind of word press hook support necessary (not ready yet)? Or did I miss something?
    • Justin Taylor
      By Justin Taylor
      I am using a child theme (the pl-starter-theme-master) and have added the following custom function to the child functions.php file:
      // Add AddThis share code to blog posts add_action('pagelines_loop_before_post_content', 'add_addthis_share_code'); function add_addthis_share_code() { echo"<div class=\"addthis_sharing_toolbox\"></div> "; } It isn't do anything. Can someone see why?
    • vanessabt
      By vanessabt+
      I am starting to build a new site.  I would really like to use the MasterSlider plugin for my homepage slider.  I loaded it in and when I use it if I paste the generated shortcode into the page as instructed it ends up showing at the bottom of a content loop section instead of  at the top of the page.
      I realize that a hook probably needs to be added to tell pagelines to run masterslider,  but for the life of me I have no clue what needs to be put in or where it would go.
      I am building a demo site first before the site is moved so that I can troubleshoot issues like this.  I downloaded the base child theme since I figured we would need add the customization there to be safe from updates and for some reason the hooker section does not show up even though the plugin is installed so I cant use that either.
      I am also confused. do I use an action hook from pagelines or one from the masterslider site, http://masterslider.com/doc/wp/developer/#action-hooks.
      I tried to put both of these into the functions.php document
      <?php get_masterslider(1); ?> 
      <?php echo get_masterslider(1); ?>
      but all that seem to do was break the site.
      Does it need to be something like:
      add_action('pagelines_page', 'masterslider_homepage');
         function masterslider_homepage(1) {
         <?php masterslider(1); ?>
      I am sure that is probably nothing but a hot looking mess, but I am at a complete loss of ideas with this.  And where does code like this go into the functions php document? I thought it would go at the very top but I sure I am wrong.
      Please let me know if you can provide any guidance.
      Thank you
    • bloom1creative
      By bloom1creative+
      Hi me again guys
      So dunno if it's due to using Voyant, which incidentally whenever there is a DMS update really buggers up and loses all my layouts and templates.  I'm going to have to force it to not update and anytime I edit a template that comes with the theme, as soon as I update DMS it resets.
      Really love DMS but recently been doing my head in with unreliability of saved sections, templates etc.  My saved sections work fine 5/6 times, but eventually if I place, then unlock, place, unlock, the content will just vanish and I'll have to go and remake another one.  
      Plugins all disabled and this has occurred on all my installs on different hosting platforms, wordpress installs, etc.
      Really gutted as I'm going to have to start looking at a more reliable system, my clients have noticed this behaviour and blame me for it too which I don't have time to keep giving to remake lost saved sections etc.
      Thanks for your hlep