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Accordion in Badass Shortcodes not working properly

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We are having issues the with accordion bad ass shortcode.  The proper accordion tab will not drop down when you click on it, only the first one will drop down each time no matter which one you click on.  Please see this test page we set up with an example of the problem http://www.lemonstripe.com/test/  Any help?

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Thank you!  That would be awesome!

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I found the problem is not a bug. you just need to change for each acordion name and the number. for example:

[ba-accordioncontent name="one" heading="P<strong>ersonal Training Packages</strong>" number="1" open="no"]

[ba-accordioncontent name="two" heading="P<strong>ersonal Training Packages</strong>" number="2" open="no"]


It took me a while but I really wanted to have the accordions stack and now they are working fine. I did upgrade to the new BA 2.0 work just the same.

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Glad to hear. Ya I was looking through and couldn't reproduce any bugs with it, and had no other reports, so figured it was a fluke or something wasn't quite setup right.

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Discovered a bug that prevents the content appearing within the container, for the accordion. If you use a percentage sign (as i did "50% of all plants...") in an accordion content then none of the accordian headings or content will appear. Took me ages to work out which one was causing the problem, by getting the accordian to work either side of groups of accordions until I found the culprit.


If I had HALF thought about it, then I wouldnt have wasted 50% of my time!

Chrome Developer tools - please use them. If you are not sure how, then it is easy to learn

Be inventive in your keyword search of the forum ie Navi > Navbar > menu > tabs > font > color. Your answer lies there somewhere!

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    • jharri74
      By jharri74
      Hello, is there a way to add a class to an accordion heading? I've read posts that say a unique class is added to each accordion heading of an accordion but I don't see that when i inspect the element in chrome or in firebug. I'm trying to duplicate this (see attached) where each section (eg: main courses) shows the list items and prices of each item within. Here's my current page:
    • h0bd0b1in
      By h0bd0b1in
      I'm fairly new to the whole web design and CSS thing. I dabbled in HTML back in the day (HTML 3 I think) but I'm looking to get back in to it in earnest. I've managed so far to style my site to a certain extent but I've hit a little bit of a snag.
      I have accordions embedded within an iTab on one of my pages and, while I've managed to successfully alter the background colours of the toggles and content panes, I'm struggling to alter the colour of the text within the accordion toggles. At the moment, they are using the default base colour for my site, which is what I want links to use in every other regard, but in this instance that colour clashes with the toggles background colour.
      I attempted to inject the colour attribute using CSS by referencing the .accordion-toggle class but without success. How would I go about changing this colour?