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poppy plugin and SPF

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Hi, the poppy plugin has a big design issue! The senders mailadress is set as the "from" for the e-mail. If the senders mail provider has SPF (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sender_Policy_Framework) enabeld, and almost all have, the mail gets bounced because the server running pagelines on is not allowed to send mail in the name of the sender...

So the plugin is kind of useless because 90% of the messages will never arrive but get bounced... As a solution I suggest adding a "from" field in the options. There one needs to add a mailadress that the web-server is allowed to send mails from. The senders mailadress needs to be moved to the body of the e-mail!

BTW: There is no "Topic Prefix" for the poppy plugin, so I posted it to the "Hooker"...

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Fixed in 1.1, thx for the heads up!

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Simon, thank you for the really really fast release of version 1.1!

Now you placed [email protected] in the "from" header. This is much better than it was before, but still not perfect. For security reasons it is not best practice to let your webserver / wordpress send mails in the name of your main organisation. Our web-servers have specific (sub) domains which they are allowed to send mail from and they do not match our main domain name.

It would be greate if one was able to define the sender address via the options.

Thank you!

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