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Navable drop down drops behind branding

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This beautiful plug has a problem that probably can be fixed in the CSS but it should be nicer if it just works. 


(there is no proper prefix for it so I had to put it in a random prefixed forum)


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Nice. I already gave it a z-index of 300 to solve it. Thanks for the quick update!

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      Hi there,
      I have a little bug on my main menu. I have a button that takes me back to the home-page. the problem is that when adding a child to that button, the link is not working anymore. any ideas why?
      the site is ertumop.de
      and the button in cause is "produkte"
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      If I view the site on a mobile device, those items in the menu link properly.
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      Thank you very much :)
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      I wondered if anyone knew how I can solve this.
      Thank you in advance,