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Hi, just purchased the Postpins plugin. Thanks for the great work.

Is there a way to hyperlink a text in the excerpt? Or maybe have an option to show all content rather than just excerpt, so that links can be created in the excerpt.


I would like to add a button with Pagelines shortcode, but somehow Postpins does not pick it up, maybe because it's not programmed to allow links in the excerpt.


Please help, thank you!

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To add on to my above post, would it be possible to allow html markups too? Now there is this restriction and I can't style my text into a button for example. Hope you can help, thanks!

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PostPins doesn't use the excerpt and it wil not display HTML markup either so unfortunately, its not currently possible. You could contact one of our Pros and see if they make these alterations for you.

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Thanks Danny, I've resolved it by editing line 182 of the section.php file of Postpins.

From this:

custom_trim_excerpt($p->post_content, 20),

to this:


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OK happy to hear you have resolved the issue. However, please bear in mind that we do not recommend edits to the core files nor do we provide support.

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