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editing the page.php and the single.php

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Hello Guys, I know this might be a strange request, but I have a few questions about the page.php and the single.php files. I am working with this plugin called Event Calendar Pro and i have been told to do the following, but before I make the changes I would like to know if there is an easier way and if this will cause problems in the future. "If you’re using the “Default Page Template” (I am), then for single events they will use your theme’s single.php template. For the calendar, it will use your theme’s page.php template. In order to remove the sidebar on the calendar page and make it full width you’ll need to edit your theme’s page.php and add some conditional code to detect that you are on the calendar page and not call the sidebar however that is called in page.php in your theme. These should help you: https://gist.github.com/jonahcoyote/2992392 – then, you’ll also need to modify the CSS a bit to target the calendar page to make it full width. " What I would like is the SideBar’s on the single event and leave the calendar full size. The thing is at the top menu it is showing that the pages using the "Tribe Event" template. The site is http://photoeventcalendar.com/. If you go to the site you will not see the problem as i have restored the site.

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PageLines Framework is quite different from the typical theme.  Instead of using the same structure that themes do, as a Framework it's a totally unique structure, so you won't find the same files recommended for modifying themes.


Also, files in the core Framework should never be modified as the next update will likely overwrite them.


That said, we do provide for modification of files through child themes or the PageLines Customize plugin (free in our Store via Dashboard > PageLines > Store > Plugins).  Either the child theme or the plugin will contain both a stylesheet and a functions.php file.  These may be added to, with custom code, provided by the plugin you're seeking to use. 


Hiding sidebars or selecting a full-width layout is quite easy, directly from a specific page.  Simply scroll down in edit mode to the PageLines Meta Settings and select the full width template or, check the boxes to hide the sidebars.  Either way will give you the full width layout you seek without modifying code.


I don't know the Event Calendar Pro plugin, so I'm unfamiliar with how one adds the calendar or its widgets (if any) to a site.  If it uses a shortcode for the calendar, then you'd simply go to Dashboard > Pages > Add New, change the layout to full width in the PageLines Meta Setting and affix the shortcode in the edit field in Text Mode and save.


For the single event page, I don't know if the plugin creates a template of its own. I would imagine that our free Base Theme (a child theme) would come in handy here. 


You may find more information here: http://support.pagelines.me/docs/plugins/pagelines-customization/


If you want a professional installation, we have several great Pros available at http://www.pagelines.com/pros. One of them could help you integrate the plugin.

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