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I've found several topics with questions like this but still haven't managed to figure it out. I started using WordPress & PageLines yesterday so some (most) of the lingo is going over my head!


I want to set up a website with a homepage similar to this one. I'm mainly interested in the middle section, where you have text on the left and on the right, you have a picture slider with 3 boxes underneath.


I've tried to implement this in PageLines in 2 ways:

1. Using a side bar - I put the sidebar on the left with some html. Then in the main content area (right), I put the slider and boxes (using drag & drop). This works fine. Only problem is, the sidebar appears on all pages. If I 'hide' it on other pages, it still shows a big empty space where the sidebar should be! Any way to change the layout of other pages so as not to show the sidebar or empty space?


2. Using the Grid system - I've added a grid but I can only add text/html to the grid 'cells'. Is there a way to add sections (like the slider and boxes I normally add using drag & drop) to the grid layout (even if some coding is required)?



Brian O Carroll


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1. Rather than hiding the sidebar on the pages where you do not want the sidebar to show, you should select the full-width layout under PageLines Meta Settings > Page Setup (on the WP page editor) so that you don't get that big empty space.


2. Sections can't be added inside cells within the grid system since these sections are not activated using any sort of code - they are activated in Drag & Drop. If you wanted to add a slider to a cell within the grid, you'll need to use a slider plugin that uses a shortcode to implement the slider itself. That way, you can add the shortcode inside the cell.

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Hi Catrina,


Thanks very much. Number 1 worked out perfectly. I don't know how I didn't figure that out! Number 2 might be useful to me sometime too so... thanks!

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