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Static Home Page Not Working

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When I go to the Customize Theme area to choose whether its a static page or last post as my home page, there is a bug or something so it will not choose. Therefore, my site remains unoperational as I cannot direct to my wanted page. Please help

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1. Did you already create a blank "Blog" page?

2. What happens if you try deactivating ALL active non-PageLines plugins?

3. Can you please take a screenshot of the Settings > Reading page and post it here?

4. Are you using the latest version of Framework (2.4) and WordPress (3.5.1)?

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On the Settings page under the reading tab, there is not the static/blog option anymore. It went away when I installed the pagelines framework and is now found under the theme (on the pagelines framework), customize link but does not function.

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Could you make a screenshot of Settings > Reading.  Please upload it here as an attachment.


Did you create any static pages?  That option will not be available if there are no pages created.


If you have created pages and it's still missing then follow this:


Please deactivate all plugins except for Akismet (only if you're using it), PageLines Customize and PageLines Sections. All of them should be deactivated. 


Check Settings > Reading again. If the option is there again, great. If not, let us know.

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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