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How to get access to category pages without any widget or menu ?

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I will try to do my best to be clear as I am very new on wordpress and cannot find in any topics a right answer to my problem.

My question is first : "How to get access to category pages without any widget or menu ?"

I do not want either to use the categories widget you can put to your sidebar neither the one of the menu options of the navigation bars. As on the layout enclosed, i would be able to acess to my specific categories by just clicking on the corresponding icon in the sidebar i created with text widget. One button is linked to the whole blog, the others should be linked to the specific categories.

More of this, and this could be my second question : i would like to add a specific layout on these specific pages which are linked to their respective categories. At least an introduction to its in the header for example.


Thank you for helping...


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If you wish to access your categories via an image, you will need to use a text widget and then use basic HTML to link the images to your categories. However, this isn't related to PageLines but is a HTML / Wordpress question. I recommend you ask this question on the Wordpress support forums.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Thank you Danny for answering....of course i know that If I wish to access a page via an image, I will need to use a text widget and then use basic HTML to link the images to the page, that's quite easy to do.

My problem is how to figure out to pagelines that each new page created is a special "category page" where I would like to find on the relative content selected from my blog posts ? In my example, I have the blog page with all my posts, any belong to the category "who", others to category "where"... when I create a page called "who" or "where", how to assign these are special categories pages ? and how to configure each page in order to recieve on each one the correct posts the "who" posts on the "who" category page, the "where"posts on the "where" category page....?

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I just understand that my category pages should have the following structure : http://www/mydomain.com/archives/category/who, http://www/mydomain.com/archives/category/where.... So my question is how to personalize these special archives pages. Is it possible to add a specific content for each page like a a special image or a short introduction to the referring category? Do I have to use plugin in order to do such a thing ?

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You can't assign pages you have created to the Category Special Page. All the special pages are already predetermined by Wordpress. For example when you set up a page via the Static Page option in Settings > Reading for your Post Page (blog) this page become the Blog special page.


When you create a category, by going to Posts > Category, these are considered special pages as well.


The below information is taken from our Special Page documentation:


Special pages refer to the WordPress pages which dynamically display data from your site. These Special Pages are Blog Page, Archive Page, Category Page, Search Results, Tag Listing, Author Posts and 404 Page.


For example, your Blog Page is a Special page, because it takes all of your individually entered posts and displays them on one page. Another example of a Special page is an Author Posts page which displays all the posts by an author. Category pages display all the posts in a category.


If you wish to personalise the category pages, you can do so via Drag & Drop > Category template, then configure the sections from the Page Options > Category. However, if you want to add specific content on a per category page for example,


Lets say you have a category called Apples and Oranges and on on the Apples category page, you want to add a banner image that has apples and then do the same for the Orange category page but instead of an banner image with apples you want one with oranges. You will need to use a hook(s).


For more information hooks, see the Wordpress Codex article - http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API
Also WP Candy has a great post about them too - http://wpcandy.com/teaches/how-to-use-wordpress-hooks/


There is also a plugin called ActionMap which is by PageLines and will assist you in find the correct location for your hook(s).




You will also need to use the following to target your categories. http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/is_category


If this seems a little too difficult, then I recommend contacting one of our Pros, who will be happy to assist you.



Please search our forums, before posting!

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