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Requesting Minor Change to Source Code re: Gallery Filter

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I installed a third party add-on plugin called "Nextgen Download Gallery," and I quickly found that there was a conflict between it and Pagelines. (With Pagelines disabled, it worked; enabled, it didn't.) It is an add-on to NextGen Gallery that allows you to select multiple gallery images for download, then zips them into a single archive. 


I contacted the plugin author and he (very quickly) responded. He checked out your source code (found in actions.site.php) and he said that the way it had been written, it disallowed any further custom gallery templates. The current PL source code reads:


function gallery_filter( $a, $template_name) {
if ( $template_name == 'gallery-plcarousel')
return sprintf( '%s/carousel/gallery-plcarousel.php', PL_SECTIONS);
return false;



Ross (the plugin author) said if you change "return false" to "return $a" it won't negate any other custom templates. I went ahead and made that small change in my core file just to see if he was correct, and indeed, changing "false" to "$a" removed the conflict between Pagelines and his plugin. 


Of course, I don't know much of anything about php, so maybe there's a good reason PL has written it this way, but if possible, I'm just writing to request this change be made official in the next update or so. 


Many thanks for your time. 

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I have reported this for you on your behalf, thanks for bring this to our attention.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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