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Reader Section and Formidable Forms

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I've found a conflict between the Reader Section and Formidable forms plugin. I use the Developer version of Formidable and when it's activated the Reader menu option disappears. It re-appears when I disable Formidable.


I've tried this with all other plugins disabled and was able to replicate the problem.


The site is motherroad.org and am the most recent versions of Pagelines, Formidable and Wordpress.



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This is most likely the same issue that we had with Gravity Forms, where they were using add_object_page, which when used with custom post types is bugged.




Therefore, what you need to do is contact the Formidable team and ask them if this is correct.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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      [i tried posting this in the Store Products forum - but it was unresponsive and just led me back to the forum page each time]
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