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Super Widgets customisations

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Is there a selector for super widgets, new to CSS so could use a starting point ...

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I recommend starting with Code Academy, and learning how to use the Inspector tool found in Safari and Chrome.




Something big is coming for DMS + photographers.



Nick Haskins & CO - New home for all of my PageLines Store products! 



Better DMS - News, Tutorials, and Tips



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    • dreamsight
      By dreamsight
      hello nick, hope you're good. just a quick question on the superwidgets/cats & chives widget - is there a way to remove the archives button and just have a drop down for categories? 
    • rud10
      By rud10
      Hello, Nick.
      I'm having problems with adding the username for my LinkedIn account to the social superwidget. I have tried my profile page url (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rudi-o-neil/21/a84/906) but nothing comes up besides a Page Not Found Message. I feel dumb, but what is the format I need to enter?
      P.S. did you manage to get that RSS-not-opening-a-new-tab thing sorted out?
      Advanced thanks'
    • rud10
      By rud10
      Hi there Nick.
      I am wondering if you have any solution for the way in which the links in the RSS feed widget navigate away from my site, as opposed to opening a new tab. I am not sure whether this is the case with other widgets, as I've only noticed it with the RSS thus far. I love the plugin, otherwise, it's just what I've been looking for. Apologies in advance if this is beyond simple to fix. I am not au fait with things, as of yet.
      Much thanks,
      Rudi O'Neil
    • lroberts00
      By lroberts00
      I bought and uploaded the Super Widgets. I used it in the footer columns sidebar, it worked great, then I had an update for my computer (mac) so I ran it and restarted my computer and ever since then, I can't see the widgets? They disappeared. I did nothing in wordpress to cause not only them disappearing but any change what so ever. I know it may not be because of the update and restart, but that is just the only thing I can think of that I did when it started not appearing? I then asked James in the live chat about it, took a picture of my screen and sent it to him, waited a few seconds and then I refreshed my screen and they we're working....all the sudden.  So, I tell James that they we're working and no further help needed.  I closed my brower and 5 minutes later get back on the check something on the same site and no widgets.
      Thank you for your help.
    • zephyr11
      By zephyr11+
      I just purchased Super Widgets and am wondering what the format is for adding the social links. On the widget form, it simply states "enter only usernames."
      Does this make use of the social links we can add to the Branding section in PL core or does it use its own?
      Also, you may wish to change the description on the plugin as it refers to another plugin.
      I really respect and appreciate your work; it has taught me a lot.