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    • globalnative
      By globalnative+
      Hi there! 
      I'm wondering if I can and how I can easily make a one page scrolling parallax site with menus which scroll rather than take me to a new page?
      Something like this: http://demo.vellumwp.com/home-pages/one-page-resort/.
      Thank you kindly
      PS: my site: http://natemaingard.com
    • Skip
      By Skip+
      I have a current website http://TrueBlueAuctions.com that I would like to create a new page that is entirely blank without any headder or footer as a landing page that I can have information and links to the other pages.  This would not be a home page for the website but named differently - http://www.trueblueauctions.com/your-home-sold-for-top-dollar/.  
      My question is that is there a way for me to build this page by itself without any header or footer information that normally appears as part of a template for all the other pages?  I wanted to ask before doing because I don't want to mess up what I've done so far with the website.
      Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.
      All the best of Providence.
    • MindMeldCreative
      By MindMeldCreative
      I'd like to create a landing page template that doesn't have the header & footer. I know I can use css on the page-id to display:none, but it would be exceedingly awesome to be able to do this with a template.  Is it possible? If so, what's the process?
      Thanks so much!
    • ozelot
      By ozelot
      this is my first post on the forums, so please go easy ;)
      I use PL Dev. edition on my site with fixed navbar. I would like to remove the standart fixed navbar on landing pages completely or have the landing page show another menu.
      Thanks for your feedback.
    • bigdawggi
      By bigdawggi
      Website URL: (local, not available)
      Framework Version: 2.4.1
      WordPress Version: 3.5.2
      Plugins in Use: My own custom ones that just create a custom post type
      Server/Host: Apache 2.2
      Video Landing Page:   http://glui.me/?i=52xhbdfortrxqr8/2013-04-11_at_8.13.53_AM.png/
      Gallery Landing Page: http://glui.me/?i=9bkiomi3towoxu3/2013-04-11_at_8.20.46_AM.png/
      I override the main query at 'wp' action to pull the CPT Landing Page for the originally queried post type.  I set the global $post and do setup_postdata() with it. The page template seems to respect the various sections I have assigned to the CPT, but (besides the "features" section) not the *settings* for the respective section.
      For example, the masthead section's oset property is:
      [post_id] => (no post ID)
      [clone_id] => 1
      [group] => masthead
      Any ideas?