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Would Like Custom Archive to Have Same Look as Category Archives

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I've been trying to work this out for two days and am just baffled. 
I would like my custom post type archives to display using the same style as categories. 


Here's what a category listing looks like on my site.  This display is also working for all


However the listing for the archive of all posts that belong to the custom post type "antique maps" - looks like this:  I'd really like it to use the same style as the category and custom taxonomires.  In particular, although I'm pulling featured images which are large, they are getting resized.




I'm using the Views plugin, and this is what the view code looks like.  Featured images should be displaying larger. I can't figure out how to get that.  Is there a way to tell this to use same style as the other page.



<!-- wpv-loop-start -->
   <table width="100%">
      <wpv-loop wrap="2" pad="true">
         [wpv-item index=1]
         [wpv-item index=other]
         [wpv-item index=2]
         [wpv-item index=pad]
         [wpv-item index=pad-last]




And this is what Firebug is showing me on the pages where the images are sized correctly:


<div class="full_img fix">

<a class="post-thumb img fix" style="width: 100%" title="Link To The Port of Calais" rel="bookmark" href="http://www.village-art-antiques.com/antiquemap/the-port-of-calais/">
<span class="c_img">
<img class="attachment-large wp-post-image" width="450" height="373" alt="FULL" src="http://www.village-art-antiques.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/bhcalaisfull.jpg">


I think I need to use one of those classes somehow, but I can't figure out where and how.

I tried it like this - but that didn't work:
            <tr><td><div class="full_img fix">[wpv-post-featured-image]<br>[wpv-post-link]<br>[wpv-post-excerpt]</class></td>


I realize this is a mix match of Views and Pagelines queries, but would be very grateful for your  help!

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I'm moving this topic to Customizations, where it belongs as this isn't technical support for Framework, but for your custom post type.


If you look in Dashboard > PageLines > Site Options > Header and Footer, and you'll find the shortcodes for the meta information found in the category model.  That's one thing you can incorporate into your custom post type.


The key thing would be to simply use Firebug to find the elements surrounding titles, images, text, etc. and use those in your coding.  If not, you can always create unique classes and id's for each element, and craft custom CSS to have them do exactly the things you'd like to see.


Since most of the basics are already there, as you point out, it's really just a matter of styling.

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THANKS.  Sorry for the misplacement. I'm new to the forums and actually saw the customization area just after writing this and realized it should be there, but I couldn't see a way to move it.


I looked at the Dashboard where you indidcated, but I don't see the shortcodes for the meta information - or perhaps I'm not understanding what that means.


I did try Firebug, but I'm kind of lost as to how to get that to work or understanding exactly where I am supposed to put those tags in the view.  I was hoping there was an overall div tag for the whole categories display that I could just put around the View codes for the archive display....

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This is the default meta code for full-width posts:


By [post_author_posts_link] On [post_date] &middot; [post_comments] &middot; In [post_categories] [post_edit]

And this is for magazine mode posts:

On [post_date] By [post_author_posts_link] [post_edit]

The shortcodes, in [] are the things you may want to use in customizing the meta information in your custom post types.  Those are shortcodes.


As I mentioned earlier, CSS will let you resize the thumbnails, the title fonts, the excerpt fonts, etc.  Admittedly, Firebug does take a little getting used to. Perhaps an afternoon of testing.  There's some great customization information for CSS here, including some guidance about using Firebug:  http://support.pagelines.me/docs/customization/custom-css/

Former PageLines Moderator, Food Expert and Raconteur

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