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    • Idesignher
      By Idesignher
      I think I'm experiencing a glitch.
      In my site options global settings under color control I am applying white #FFFFFF to the body background, page background and content background. I have also uploaded a gradient background image. Yet, when I save and preview my site all I see is my text directly on the background image and the white background that I selected is not there. Yesterday the white background was there, and it seemed to have disappeared when I installed the Facebook plugin, so I deleted the Facebook plugin to see if it would appear again, to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
    • Erwan
      By Erwan
      What are the available selectors and how are we supposed to use them here, that is in the site options ?
      Said differently, are these additionnal selectors a way to customize site fonts, aside from / overriding my custom CSS, and if so how ?
      For instance, is this a way to adjust the settings of "primary font" for plain post text versus keywords ?
      I did'nt find any documentation or forum topics pertaining specifically this .
      Thx in advance !