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Cotent area isn't displaying

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I'm using the iBlogPro5 child theme and Items that were dropped into the Page Template area and configured are displaying correctly - quick slider and boxes, but items dropped into the Content area, wrap or either of the sidebars are configurable but don't display in the page.  I've gone through everything I can think of and I'm stuck.  Thoughts? 




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Hello Stephen,


I'm not familiar with iBlogPro5 but if it works like PageLines Framework, you have to put Content section in Page Templates to display sections dropped in the Content Area.

www.photoreview.fr | www.kankei.fr

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Hi Stephen,


Would it be possible for you to provide a link to your site please and also, make sure you have the following sections active on


Content Section ===> PageLines > Drag&Drop > Page Template

PostLoop ===> PageLines > Drag&Drop > Content Area

Please search our forums, before posting!

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