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I have started a slider sequence. It is coming along. Have decided NOT to use slider text however in the working model I did put text in there. I have have tried everything to make it go away.


If I change the text in the slider boxes it will change on screen. If I delete it: It reverts back to text I put in several days ago and NOTHING I do makes it go away.


I have deleted the page: I have started from scratch twice. It's pulling this from somewhere.


In my fields for Slider there is nothing in the text box. Nothing zip. I have removed all items, put otherone's in. Doesn't matter text still there.


Can't begin to tell you how long/frustrating this has become!


How to I get rid of Text in Slider!?





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Hi Batman: Yes I have looked through this and have the slider working. The problem is in I had insert text into the Text area and have since changed my mind. There is no text there any more. I have deleted it. I have reloaded photos and images, I have even taken the slider down and back up. The text I put in there keeps coming back and I have found no way to clear it.


See URL http://newsite.thetradinglab.com


See those Grey boxes in Sliders that say: Collaborate, Educate, Plan....well there is no text in my text boxes in the slider set up fields/boxes for those slides. Nothing I do makes that go back to no text...see what I mean?


Any thoughts?



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I don´t see the Grey boxes in Sliders now with my firefox, I only see the words look the image


Please if you see try clean your cache.

Life is too short to remove USB safely ...

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Hi Batman: I fixed it finally. Here's how:


If/When text is 'stuck' in the slider text box.


a) Remove images from library. Remove them all including clones or duplicates.

B) reload images: At that time, when reloading, magically the text reappears in the instructions text box for that item in slider.

c) Delete or adjust text then.

d) Save and post



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