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I have an existing site using the most current version of platformpro that works well with wp-member plugin.  The current setup protects all posts below the "More" with the standard wp-member login/register dialog.  All good...


I wanted to start using the new pagelines lite theme but am having issues with every post that is protected with wp-member.


With pagelines lite enabled every post displays only the title then the standard wordpress this post is password protected dialog (No posts are password protected) followed by the standard wp-member login/register dialog. 


Pagelines lite is the only theme that causes this problem. 


Any suggestions?

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PageLines uses many things other themes don't at present.  So comparing it to others, even our legacy products like PlatformPro is like comparing a pair of rollerskates to a Ferrarri Testarossa.  While they both move you, the difference is a bit noticeable. ;-)


I'd suggest moving up to PageLines Framework Pro and perhaps testing all the variables for that plugin.

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Is anyone else using wp-members successfully with Pagelines Framework pro?  I was kinda hoping for some suggestions :-)

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The best, most tested members plugin I've used, seen people test and use is s2Member, which is free. It integrates pretty easily with PageLines and WP, and you'll require very little, if any custom coding. It's mostly all settings and little more.

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Broke again after the latest update... and for the life of me I can't remember which of the template files I edited the first time that got it working.


The wp-members post has the code


but which pagelines template file is the one that needs


* Fixes password spoof - the plugin sets a post password to protect
* the comment form.  In themes where this causes the WP password
* protected post dialog to display, returning an empty post password
* should correct the problem.
 add_filter( 'wpmem_post_password', 'my_pass_filter' );
 function my_pass_filter() {
     return '';




added to it???


Is it

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