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    • klausk
      By klausk+
      I really loved CatLoop on old pagelines. The dream section!! How do I get the same/similar in DMS? I've searched and cant figure. All I want to do is add category specific, paginated posts with thumbs, onto a regular page. I know there are non-DMS plugins that can do this, but I'd prefer sticking with Pagelines/DMS if at all poss. Thanks for any pointers.
    • tandan
      By tandan
      hi there, I have installed catloop in content area and would like to set a limit to how many display. Right now it paginates but this could get pretty long. Please advise how I can set this limit. 
      thank you!
    • erin-wsk
      By erin-wsk
      I'm trying to show a single post on a static page using the catloop section. I want it to show in traditional blog view with the photo and part of the text with a "read more" button. I've changed the pagelines options to show full post text and normally the read more would be automatic. However, for the catloop post- I'm still getting the full text.

      Is this possible? Thanks!
    • suzyo
      By suzyo
      Hierarchy: I can't figure this out. I bought CatLoop (which is great) and it is supposed to be a section.
      I find it here: http://imgur.com/vjD6K1m
      Also, these sections are listed in Plugins > Pageline- sections: http://imgur.com/kpQ4VJd
      Is this the way it's supposed to be? Thanks.