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Collapser not displaying correctly using pagelines

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I have two sites each using collapser and neither working correctly.  I have one site using Simplicate found here: http://touchstonehealthcaresolutions.com/privacy-policy/

and my other site is using ignite: http://physiciancredentialingservices.com/faqs/


On both sites, you will notice that the collapser is being right justified instead of centered or left which is what I would prefer.  I would like it to take up the whole page.


Please let me know what setting I am missing to allow for this.

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Collapser and i quote the store description:


"Collapser is a simple but handy section that provides a way to show small pieces of information using an accordion-nav type with a feature image on one side to help the content stand out."



Collapser show a image on one side of the content, so there is nothing wrong, you just need to add a image to you slide, please see the video, http://tmeister.net/knowledge-base/collapser/collapser-installation/


if you want to use a full-width accordion type please see the Accordion section http://www.pagelines.com/store/sections/accordions/ from Ellen Moore.




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Enrique Chavez - Premium DMS Themes, Sections and Plugins.


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