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I'm at nearly 30 extensions now, and the level of support and maintenance is, in itself, a full-time gig now. As a result, the prices of my products in the PageLines Store went up on the 1st of February. If you're interested, you can read more about these changes at the link below.




Thanks to all of you who have supported this decision, and I'm looking forward to developing more extensions and themes geared to make your life easier.


Nick "Bearded Avenger" Haskins

Something big is coming for DMS + photographers.



Nick Haskins & CO - New home for all of my PageLines Store products! 



Better DMS - News, Tutorials, and Tips



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    • cdagesse
      By cdagesse+
      So this has happened 2x and Godaddy is telling me its an issue with Pagelines not them.  
      Website: dcd.auto
      Cant login and nothing seems to fix it, i have tried to disable theme and plugins but still causing issues
      any ideas?
    • Buishi
      By Buishi
      OK, so I've been having some issues with WP Engine, mutlisite, and Pagelines DMS2. I searched the forums, and the closest thing (that didn't exactly work) was this: http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/38307-wp-engine-server-migration-copy-installation-problem/?hl=database
      To make a long story short, when I created my staging site, the Site and Home URL were messed up (it was adding "www." to the beginning). After fixing that issue in the DB with a find and replace (using the same interconnectit tool in the above forum post), all the sections are suddenly blank. I can't figure out why... All I did was replace www.[stagingsite].wpengine.com with [stagingsite].wpengine.com. The first one was wrong, so if anything I would have expected to have problems with that one...
      Any ideas? Here's the staging site:
      Here's the live site:
    • bloom1creative
      By bloom1creative+
      Hey chaps
      I think I've mentioned this before but not made a dedicated topic.
      I often save sections out to remember them, which works often and well.
      I do find however about 20% of the time I fear for my life when I add a saved section to a page, and upon refresh the section appears blank, and all the linked ones are also then blank and I will need to remake the whole thing.
      There seems to be no pattern to this and I have multiple sites hosted across the board, ranging from MAMP, Heart VPS to Fasthosts shared hosting.  This error occurs on all these platforms, which at a guess I would say the database table that stores the data suddenly some how loses it.
      I would provide a screen shot/video but I have literally described the error and feel this wouldn't make anything any clearer.
      So, to summarise.
      1. I create a section, add the elements I want.
      2. Save it as 'section2' lets say.
      3. Add it to 5 more pages, all looks fine.
      4. Create a few page templates.
      5. Could be related - I then often unlink these templates that contain saved sections.
      6. Add a saved section to another page, and refresh.
      7. Viola, 'section2' is blank along with all the instances of 'section2' on my site, and needs to be recreated.
      Like I say, about a 20% occurrence, not a one off though.  
      Also worth noting when I was using Voyant child theme, after I updated it all my saved sections were wiped also.
      Any guidance or workarounds / fixes for this would be very helpful as I'm tending to avoid using these where possible now to avoid losing all my hard work.
    • swiftitnz
      By swiftitnz
      Hello to all DMS users and support people!
      I'm having this issue trying to remove the blank space at the bottom part of each section (PLEASE SEE THE IMAGE).
      Image/Screeshot link: http://pho.to/7EDMB
      I have tried selecting the padding to be '0', but no luck.
      Any suggestions? Help is much appreciated.
      Just in case you want to see the live site (currently being finished): http://mostrespectedagents.net/
      P.S.: I am using DMS Pro version
    • shannonlong
      By shannonlong
      Is it possible to make the link button in ProPricing open in a blank window/tab? 
      There's no where to write target="blank".