How can i create an archive page for my blog?

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Hi, i searched forum for this topic but i couldn't find the answer.


i just bought new framework and install iblogpro 5 template.


When i look into my old archive page, it was empty. So i deleted that page.


i want to create a new archive page but when i select pages / new page section, there is no archive page template option for my new page...


there is only default page, template 1,2,3,4 and 5. How can i add an archive page? Thank you...

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PageLines doesn't provide a template where you can display an archive of all your posts, the Special template Archive is related to your Archive pages such as December 2013, etc...


If you wish to create a archive page for all your posts, I recommend using a plugin such as

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Thank you very much. i installed that plugin. But i still don't understand why there is an archive page option in drag&drop section?

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There is no archive template, as its easy to create a page using a plugin. We provide drag and drop templates, why can display anything you like with the sections included with the PageLines Framework and ones from the store.

The same goes for a contact page, these templates are usually very basic and most of the time do not meet the users requirements, that is why we point users to plugins that offer better control and functionality.

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