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Comments box to have different configuration in 2 places

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Is it possible to have the Comments be configured to have text box, email, etc in the blog page and to have just text box on a different page? Thanks.

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The actual comments fields are generated by WordPress. I don't believe this may be modified easily.  Certainly CSS is unlikely to help.


I suspect you're going to need a custom solution to accomplish this. Perhaps a comments plugin might help, but I don't know of any that allow you to select the fields based on any criteria, nevermind on a location basis. 


I imagine the only way... and this will not be too difficult, would be to find a more suitable comment form or create your own applied by shortcode using a form. 


Add a sidebar at the bottom of the content area.


Implement a text widget in that sidebar and place the form shortcode in the text widget. Save.


Determine which should get more exposure, the regular comments form or your shortcode form.


Go to Dashboard > PageLines > Page Options and under Blog Page, select Page Setup.  Scroll down. Click to hide either the comments or that sidebar. 


When you get to a post or page where you wish to use the one hidden, hide the one not wanted and enable the one globally hidden. 


I'm sorry, that's a bit confusing.


To clarify, if you have globally hidden Comments and get to a page where you have Universal Sidebar (for example) but prefer comments there, you'd do this:

1. Hide Universal Sidebar (via the page's PageLines Meta Settings).

2. Unhide Comments (via the page's PageLines Meta Settings).


Effectively, you'll be swapping the default Comments form, for your own custom built form on an as needed basis.  I'm afraid there's no real global way to do this but this method should work.

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