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Metabar "Add Comment" Change

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How do I change the saying: "Add Comment" on my metabar to the same saying, but in other language,

I converted all the website to portuguese but for this part, is not working... my website is http://www.lilakatz.com


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I just change with poedit and replace the file .pot on the folder languages?

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The .po file, I believe you do this in the child theme or in a cloned section. I'm not familiar with the entire process.  Everything is detailed in Simon's topic.

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      I was able to hide the metabar on the single post pages thanks to the included shortcodes however there are no shortcodes to hide the metabar on the remaining pages.  How can this be done?
      Thanks for the help.
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      Hi Guys,
      I am using category page to display all posts from a single category. However each post has a child category that separates each post into individual categories, in this case by county.
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      I am trying to post research paper abstracts for a client and have created a custom post type for doing so using Custom Post Type UI plugin. But I do not know how to customize the pagelines metabar in these posts to remove the date and comment link.  Ideally, I would replace these with some of the custom metadata (paper-author, paper-topic), but if that is not easy to do with custom css, I can just remove the metabar all together and put the info into the post content.
      This is the code I want to change as identified by firebug.
      <div class="metabar">
      Posted <time class="date time published updated sc" datetime="2014-04-18T07:30:14+00:00">April 18, 2014</time> · <span class="post-comments sc"> <a href="http://cidrzfoundation.flywheelsites.com/paper/zambian-womens-attitudes-toward-mass-nevirapine-therapy-to-prevent-perinatal-transmission-of-hiv/#comments">Add Comment</a> </span> </div>   Thanks in advance for any help!
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      Why author link in metabar points to home site link? It should point to mysite.com/author/alex   ... right? but it is pointing to home page mysite.com . How do I solve this problem?
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      Hi Pagelines staff,
      I believe I'm misunderstanding or misusing the "styling classes" field on the front-end editor... 
      I'm looking to remove the author username and "add comments" from my forum pages. Here's the url: http://rad.mosaicearth.com/discussions/community/
      I've found the correct class via firebug, and tried the following code on the custom frontend code editor, which works:
      .post-meta .metabar {display: none;}
      However this removes this metabar across all pages of the site. I would like to keep it in the posts of the site, and only want to remove on the forum pages....
      So I went to the "Section Options: Type" and "Section Options: Local" areas of this page and added this code into the styling classes box... but nothing is removed.
      Is this the correct use of the "styling classes" field??  If not, what is this area used for?? Also, I assume that "section options: type" will apply changes to that custom post type (bbpress pages) but am not sure.  I checked the Pagelines documentation and don't see any information on the Styling Classes field.  Any advise or references here is much appreciated.
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