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How to show top advertisement (Before the Article)

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I want to show advertisements Above The Fold (ATF) at my website, which is Healthy Celeb (http://healthyceleb.com)


The ad would be before the article on every post / page. I was doing this before also, but that was with the help of the plugin called Ad Injection.


Now, I want to paste some PHP code also, which can't be done by plugin. The code is


if (class_exists('magiks_geo_shortcode_class'))
   echo do_shortcode('[m_geocountry locations="US"] HTML for USA [/m_geocountry] [m_geocountry locations="CA,GB"] HTML for Canada and UK [/m_geocountry] [m_geocountry locations="CA,US,GB" display="0"] HTML for everyone else [/m_geocountry]');



I do not know where to paste this code  in the theme template and in which file. Please help me out.


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Yes, I want to add this advert on every page and post of the website.

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Can I expect a answer from the experts and moderators over here? It would be great if you can help me out.


What changes should be done in the code and where the above code should be pasted in the theme to get the banner / advertisement shown before every article / page of the website.


I have already installed the plugin for the above code to work.


If there is any CSS required, kindly tell me that also.

Thanks in advance

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Install the free action map plugin from the store

Then that will show you which 'hook' to use

You will need to use the Wordpress function add_action()

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