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DIfferent View for different Custom Post Types

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I have 4 different post types. Each post has a single post view. Now I want different view for each single post type. Inside site options I found setting to create a blog or post view. I think that will be applicable to all type of posts? Right? How can I do it for each type separately? 




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Hi Suraj,


We resolved your topic in live chat, we provided you with recommendations on how to achieve your layouts therefore, I have resolved this topic. In future please refrain from asking duplicate questions in live chat and our support forums, it only slows our response time to other PageLines users and causes confusion among our support staff.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Reading this, it would be helpful to know the solution for future users...

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We advised the following in Live chat:

This kind of customisation is beyond what our support team can provide. However, one of the PageLines Pros, may be able to assist you with your customisation.
There are also, the following sections available on the PageLines store, which may be able to assist you with your layout.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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