Launchpage Firefox, Opera Mobile and Android browser issues

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This plugin is great in Firefox and Chrome, but in other browsers there are smalle issues. 


The ugliest issue shows in IE, Opera Mobile and Android browser.

I'm not using the "Splash logo" option, but in these three browsers (at least) there's an empty image where it should be. 





Also in Opera Mobile, the background image acts weird, where it is resized to only cover a quarter of the background (sorry, no screenshot).

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Hi Attac 


Please can we have a link to your site? 

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No problem - I have had a play with this and it appears the issue is caused by there not being an image (or there once being an image and the image removed from the media manager in Wordpress but the link still being present)  located in the LAunch Logo option. 


I managed to resolve this by adding the following to your CSS



.outer-container .launch-logo .content-pad {



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Thanks, that's seems to fix the issue. But won't that remove the launch-logo for all pages, even pages with a splash logo present? That won't affect my page now, but for later use and others it might be a problem?


As for the explanation: I didn't remove the image in media manager, I just removed it in the LaunchPage options, and I even had this on pages where there never was a "Splash logo". So I suspect there's a bug.


Any idea what's causing the Opera Mobile issue?

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Have you made sure the plugin is up to date? You can visit WP -> PageLines -> Store -> Plugins -> Your added plugins, and look for an update button.

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