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    • divedon
      By divedon
      About month ago, I noticed that pl-config file which was downloaded from my site has just 1kb in size. No code inside the file.
      Is anyone has same issue?
      I am using DMS
    • layasamadhi
      By layasamadhi
      See image attached.
      I click on 'Ok', the popup closes and nothing happens. Why?
      I also try with a website from scratch (without plugins).
      My DMS version is

    • ForumMemeber
      By ForumMemeber
      failed to import pa color black
      Thats what WP says when i try to import my trial website into localhost. Rest is in hebrew, so i didnt copy it all, though you can try to understand it through the layout of the picture ive taken.
    • Claude203
      By Claude203
      Is there a repository somewhere in a WordPress installation (the database?) for all of the section info/data created in a DMS2-based WordPress installation? In other words, if one wanted to replicate on a new DMS2-based site the entire collection of sections including exact preferences that were set up for an existing DMS2-based site, is it possible to just copy the file with those details into the new site's database? (I'm not talking about any LISS/CSS entries, which I am sure could be cut and pasted from the existing to the new, as-is.)
      Thank you.
    • tsalstrand
      By tsalstrand
      I'm migrating a client's dev site (http://haco4.convertwith.me) hosted on Hostgator to their soon-to-be live site (http://haco.us.com) on Media Temple DV. 
      The problem I'm having is that the file I'm importing into the new site (using DMS's import config utility) brings everything over EXCEPT the page templates. I thought it might be because the export config file didn't have them in it but after checking it I can see they're there. (here is a copy on Google Drive: http://goo.gl/srGrjF). 
      I can't figure this out... can someone help me? I need this site to go live this weekend so any help would be greatly appreciated!!