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Hi, i just purchased pagelines-framework last week. i start a fresh wordpress installation and actviate pagelines. I also activate 3 plugins: w3 totale cache, language switcher and jigoshop. My website seem to be very slow even if i didnt create any page yet. My wordpress installation is multisite-network. www.megmedia.me and www.megmedia.me/en


I want to know if someone have an advice for me? if i use CDN like amazon cloudfront or use a dedicated server can help me to optimized the speed? Right now i used a shared  server with godaddy.


Thanks a lot



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I have ran your site through a reverse IP checker and found that you're currently on shared hosting package/plan. The results of this reverse IP check found that there are almost 1000 websites using the same server as your site, this means you're all sharing the servers resources.


If you wish to review the results yourself, simply click the link below and add your sites URL, when adding the URL into the field, remove http:// and / so that the URL added to the field looks like this:






Shared Hosting is basically cheap hosting and is not known for its performance, if you do not wish to have speed/load time issues, I recommend you do the one of the following:

  • Upgrade from your shared hosting package to a VPS/Dedicated Server.
  • Contact your host and ask them for your site to be moved from it current location and added to a less populated server.
  • Alternatively and this is what I would recommend, is move host entirely to one of the following:

WP Engine - http://wpengine.com/

ZippyKid! - https://www.zippykid.com/


Also, a Cache plugin such as W3 Total Cache should only really be used if your site has high traffic and should be installed once your sites design has been finalised, it should never be the first plugin installed and activated.

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