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Support Touch devices

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Very nice!

In a collapsed state it is not usable on touch devices (iPhone, iPad). 

Maybe a small lip that stays visible (with a optional gadget icon).

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Hey Jackey! Just going through store product posts today to catch any stragglers. You might want to make a bug report for this at http://www.pagelines.com/forum/tracdown/ so AP can get it fixed. :)

Jenny :: Web designer at Simple Mama (follow me at @simplemamacom)

Check out Share Me, a social sharing add-on for DMS that is super simple to set up.

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    • dreamsight
      By dreamsight
      No icons showing in Gadget. Is compatible with DMS 2? Anyway to add our own icons to it?
    • studio37
      By studio37+
      I like the gadget, and I have it on my website http://www.studio37.de to provide a link to my facebook-page.
      I only have one problem with it:
      If the gadget icon is shown permanently, it disturbs the appearance of the page viewed on a mobile device. On the other hand, if the icon is only shown on hover, it is not "showy" enough on a normal monitor.
      Is there a way to let a mobile device show the icon only on hover, while it is displayed permanently on a normal monitor?
      I also use the Mobile Menu plugin. is it possible to add something to it's CSS to let the gadged change?
      Thanks for an answer,
    • blueemerald
      By blueemerald
      HI there..

      very happy so far with Pagelines and the ease with which I can use it. I do however have a query.

      I quite like gadget and am currently using it. I would however like to change the colors to match the scheme of my site, perhaps make the color of the bar transparent and change icon and font colors. I simply can't find the css for this plug in anywhere.
      Any hints guys?
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      Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, but I couldn't find any reference to it anywhere, but...

      Is it possible to add more tabs to the gadget plugin? There are five available in Global Settings but I need more...